lessons to be learnt from coronavirus

In every situation in life there are lessons to be learnt, in fact life itself is one big lesson. Its a frightening time for us all but I just wanted to look at some of the positives of the situation and in no way discarding the devastation this is causing to some people.

The human race are destroying the planet and haven’t been listening to the warnings. We are now being made to listen and pay attention, not only to the warnings of the earth but ourselves. How many times have you wished for a bit of time to just be and get things done that you’ve been putting off or wanting to start that new hobby. Now we have the time so don’t waste it. Use the time we have been given wisely to slow down and reflect on life whilst the earth starts to heal itself.

Think of the connections being made to the people you share your lives with, getting to know your children properly. I spent the first week arguing with my daughter over schoolwork, comparing myself to other parents “perfect” homeschooling timetabled setups. Its not real anyway , you see what people want you to see. After chilling out a bit and letting her work through her work at her pace has made life a lot easier and we are now enjoying each others company. How many children crave connection with their busy parents and would love to bake, watch films, learn a tik tok dance or make something. These memories we are making now will be remembered forever.

I am being forced out of my comfort zone. I have had to close my business and look for work elsewhere. It’s scary for me but forcing me to look at how I have spent my life . Learning new skills will never be wasted.

The Earth will continue to THRIVE without us, we are not needed here. We are not essential and we should stop living life like we have a right to take take take without giving back. We ravage the earth of all its gifts and give nothing back. Its a one way relationship which isn’t a sustainable way to live. We need to use this gift of time we have been given to reflect on ourselves, because If we don’t the lesson will be repeated. We all have things to be grateful for. Think about what has been gained in your life rather than what has been lost.

I know this hasn’t been a food related post but use this time to cook things you wouldn’t usually have time to cook or better still food prep and make some healthy meals to freeze for when we all return to our mad busy lives!


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